July 14, 2019

Profiting from the "No's"

It was 2016.

A young couple, named Will and Carly, became part of the EMP community.

They burned through their warm list of 100 friends and family.

And now they were licking their wounds after a rough go at cold market prospecting.

Because of this, they were now open to trying something different.

They were open to the possibilities of building a network marketing business online.

Before I dive in, there’s three things you should know about EMP.

1 ) they offer online courses and training programs.

Their courses and training have the network marketer and home-based business owner in mind.

2 ) they offer personal coaching and mentorship at a premium.

3 ) they have an affiliate program.

You can earn generous commissions by promoting their products online.

Commissions range from 40 - 90%.

When Will and Carly joined EMP they took advantage of all three of EMP’s core offerings.

But becoming affiliates was essential to carrying out this strategy.

So here’s the crux of the “strategy”.

  1. Target a cold Facebook audience of network marketers with Facebook ads.
  2. You need product or solution specific to network marketers.
  3. Use Facebook ads to attract cold leads (network marketers) into your recruiting funnel.

The type of product or solution in number two, could be anything that teaches a network marketer how to build online (I'm partial to Attraction Marketing Formula)

Will and Carly did not have such a product.

So they became EMP affiliates and used their products instead.

Becoming an EMP affiliate was a crucial step in their online recruiting strategy.

Will and Carly used Facebook ads to attract people to their recruiting funnel.

Their cold leads would be people who indicated they had an interest in Eric Worre in their Facebook profiles.

This is an audience of 430,000 people.

Success in recruiting reps starts with talking to the right Facebook audience.

A audience full of people who are already open to network marketing.

So they used Facebook’s ability to micro-target network marketers on Facebook.

Here’s an example of a Facebook audience I market to.

The first two parts, numbers one and two, are the demographics of this network marketing audience.

It's the age of the audience and what country they're from.

Notice that I’m also reaching people OUTSIDE the United States.

This is how a lot of people build international teams.

Now look at part 3.

Facebook will deliver my ad to anyone who matches the INTERESTS listed.

Notice that they are ALL network marketing related.

This is how Will and Carly use Facebook targeting to pre-qualify people in an audience.

Thus weeding out the tire kickers and naysayers who aren't open or who have to be sold on starting a home-based business.

Next, Will and Carly needed to deliver the right message to this audience.

What were they going to say in their Facebook ad to attract people?

There’s two ways they could have gone about this.

They could’ve done what everyone else does when recruiting online.

They could zig, follow the herds and...

Post about their opportunity on their Facebook personal profile…

Or zag and…

Talk directly to the pains that people feel in this audience and…

Stop SELLING and connect instead.

Here’s how Will and Carly did this in their Facebook ad…

They identified the pain other network marketers were feeling by telling their story.

The pain of struggling.

The difficult time of finding people to talk to and how they couldn’t keep their small team together.

It creates a common bond sort of speak.

They then showed empathy by revealing how the pain made them feel.

In Carly's case, she felt like giving up.

Which is a feeling a lot of network marketers in this audience can relate to.

Many times telling your story of struggle is enough to draw attention from the people you seek to serve.

Especially if that story is relatable to the people in your audience.

But having a shared struggle isn't enough if you can’t offer a solution.

The people in your Facebook audience ultimately want a fix for their problem.

So first, Will and Carly had to attract the network marketers that were in this cold audience.

That's the point of the message in the Facebook ad.

Then get potential prospects to join their email list.

They could then deepen the connection and build rapport.

So they did this in two ways.

First offer a solution.

But don't completely reveal what it is.

Notice Will and Carly don’t reveal the complete identity of their solution.

They gave it a vague description.

Like a “new way” or,

“A system” or,


Second, once they had their potential prospect's attention,

They offer the carrot.

A free training course in exchange for the potential lead's email.

Will and Carly used EMP's ready made video training course.

They were offering FREE value.

They're not asking anyone to join their opportunity.

They first wanted to build goodwill and rapport.

Once the cold lead is in their funnel they begin their email sequence to begin the relationship building.

They can also CONTROL the CONTEXT of the conversation through their email communications.

But something else started to happen.

People weren’t just joining their email list, but they were also reaching out to them directly.

Some people were reaching out as a result of the emails,

Some were leaving comments on their ads and...

There were others who were direct messaging Will and Carly on their Facebook page.

And two types of network marketers were reaching out to them:

Type 1

Network marketers who are happy with their company

These network marketers wanted Will and Carly to help them build their business online also.

Type 2

Network marketers who wanted to work with them.

These folks aren’t happy with their current company.

Some folks weren't happy with their leadership or...

Their product or solution was no longer a good fit.

They also wanted leadership.

Someone who could guide them to the same success that Will and Carly were experiencing.

Of the people who were reaching out to Will and Carly only a few were type 2.

Most were type 1.

They actually loved their company but wanted to get unstuck.

So Will and Carly offered the Attraction Marketing Formula ebook.

This is how they profited from the "no's".

Everyone one who said "no" to their opportunity said 'yes' to their solution.

The strategy worked so well that Will and Carly made more money from affiliate sales than their network marketing biz.

To the tune of $3000-4000 a month.

All while slowly building their network marketing team.

And within 90 days…

...they were starting to enroll people into their network marketing biz.

Go figure.

It just doesn’t seem fair.

But anyone can do their own version of this strategy.

At the core is nothing more than attraction marketing. The same system shared in my email series as well as the Attraction Marketing Formula.