Email Series: How to "Level-up" Your Prospecting & Recruiting

How to Use Social Media to Attract a Never-ending Flow of People to Your Solution

What exactly is “your solution”?

The people you seek to serve stand with their problem at the edge of a chasm.

On the other side of the chasm is the result or desire they seek.

Your solution is the bridge that closes this gap. 

Our PURPOSE is to attract and connect to these people.

Before you request an invitation to my email mini-course…let me first explain the picture below…​​​​​

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It's part of the "rabbit hole" you'll go down if you accept the journey.

People like us, and I mean myself and the 10,000+ home-based entrepreneurs in my community, have decided to build our businesses online.

The colorful part of the above picture is a funnel. A social media prospecting and recruiting funnel. 

I'll walk you through the five parts:

1) Your audience.

There's no such thing as a 'market' on social media. The people on these platforms are 'viewers' and 'readers'.

Which is why 'audience' is a better name.

Facebook gives you the ability to select an audience that best fits your solution.

This allows you to talk only to the people you seek to serve.

But that requires that you know and understand who you're seeking to serve.

Coz everyone isn’t your prospect…

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2-3) The Facebook post (ad) and email list building.

Your Facebook ad is how you deliver your message and attract people to your funnel. 

You do this by putting the RIGHT message in front of the RIGHT people.

The message in your ad has to be RELEVANT to the people in your target audience.

Meaning your message should address you audience's problems and desires.

In Karen's case, it isn’t her skin appearance that’s keeping her up at night…’s the way her skin appearance makes her FEEL that keeps her up at night.

As a marketer, your job is to be empathetic to your prospect's feelings with your messaging.

Then share valuable information that would be helpful to your audience (viewer or reader).

When done correctly, people who you attracted from your audience will want to learn more.

At this point you can leave a 'call-to-action' link (CTA) in your ad/post. They can click the link and enter their contact info in a form.

And have your first prospect!

This is how you build your email list.

Your list is an asset.

You own your list.​​

No matter what happens to Facebook, LinkedIn or your company, no one can take your list from you.

It's at this point that they become a cold prospect (or lead) in your funnel.

4-5) The email sequence and presentation.

Build rapport and trust with your prospects.

This is how you'll move your leads down your funnel. 

Write your email sequence BEFOREHAND.

Your sequence of emails begins delivery the moment someone subscribes or joins your list.

The days of presenting your product or opportunity face-to-face is over.

You'll now do it through an email.

But timing is everything.

You warm your leads by adding value through your email series.

Present the offer email after you've built sufficient trust (usually around three emails).

Yes, I know it’s friggin’ unconventional.

But it works.

And you're learning a professional skill at the same time.

And so do the 10,000+ entrepreneurs in the community, I’m part of.

What to Expect...

What I’m about to share in this email mini-course is a very different way of building your business.

It provides a glimpse into the eBook I purchased 2 years ago.

But it's not just for those who want to enroll customers or sponsor team members.

It's for anyone who's a solopreneur. The principles I share in this email series apply to any product or solution.

Some of the traditional gurus think “nothing replaces the value of face-to-face interaction”.

And yes, I know people who are still grinding it out the traditional way and are making it work for them.

...but it’s not the only way (or best way) to build a business.

This method allows more people to see your message faster.

Time isn't wasted trying to convince the wrong people to commit.

It's this system that has allowed me to still work a full-time job while I build my business online.

So if you're up for this adventure then proceed...

Steven Thomas