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February 28, 2017

The “Secret Sauce” in Capturing More Facebook Likes. Hint: It’s not as Secret as You Might Think

Do any of the following attempts to gather more Facebook likes on their page sound familiar?

“The 200th person to like my page will get a sampler box of [insert product here] line!

“…but I’m asking you to support me by liking my page”

“Come on people, only 19 more people need to like my page! Don’t forget, there will be a draw of a [insert product here] when we reach 100 likes!”

If I had a dime for every distributor, representative or consultant who made these types of post to their Facebook business page, I would have enough money to take a nice summer vacation.

These types of post are page likes “killers” and ultimately reduce your reach and visibility across Facebook.

Is there anything wrong with this approach? Trying to garner likes on your business page by asking, begging and bribing for a response? Post that will never been seen by the vast majority of the customers you’re trying to prospect on Facebook.

Well yes, there is something wrong with this type of approach because it’s just painfully inefficient.  There’s a much faster way to increase the visibility of the post you make to your page and your business page itself. 

If you have a business page that is fairly new or has not been “seasoned”, the quickest way to drum up engagement and likes is to use the tools that Facebook provides to promote your page.

In this post, we’ll address how to reach thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of customers and prospects to like your business page, and more importantly, doing so without any need of begging or offering bribes.

But, before we get into using Facebook’s business tools to get more page likes, let’s first talk about how you should promote your business so that you don’t come across as “spammy” or salesy”.

Lead with Value

Post content to your Facebook business page (content such as images, photos or video) that provides helpful or useful information to your potential customer or prospect.  

Remember, you are the subject matter expert in your field of business and you probably know all kinds of wonderful tips, tricks or recommendations.  Why else would anyone be interested in your content if it is not useful or doesn’t provide some type of benefit.

Brand Yourself

Your business page can be a great opportunity to create your brand by consistently posting and sharing your original content. The more original your content, the more you stand out from others.  Appropriate content that reflects your style & individuality which reveals that you are more than just a spokesperson for your company.

Content that shows your prospects or potential customers that you are more than just [insert name here] Independent Representative/Distributor of [insert company here].

Be sure to post frequently on a daily basis which keeps you on the top of your prospects and customers mind.

But how does your business page stay on the top of your potential customers or prospects mind if they’re not seeing what you post in their newsfeed? And if they’re not seeing what you post, then gathering likes, shares and comments will be a difficult process.

So now, my young Skywalker, it’s time to harness the power of Facebook’s promotion tools.

Facebook’s Promote Your Page Button

You are now about to take your first baby steps to becoming a TRUE marketer & advertiser on Facebook.  

Of the 1.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook, there could potentially be hundreds of thousands of potential customers that need your particular product or service.  

If you don’t promote your page via Facebook’s page promotion feature, you may never get into the newsfeed of all of those potential customers or prospects.

Under the tabs located on the left side of your business page, you’ll find the blue “Promote” button. Click on this button to reveal several options.


Choose the “Promote Your Page” option from the list of options.

A new window pops open which will allow you to create your ad.  I’ve placed numbers on the images as a reference for you to follow along.  Let’s walk through the first 3 steps.

No. 1:  Don’t be alarmed if you see the red exclamation mark.  It’s just telling you that you need to enter some text in area 2 below.

No. 2:  People who view this ad will see the text that you enter in the text box here. Here is your opportunity to provide a reason why someone should like your page. What value (not bribes!) will this person get if they like your page?  At the end of the day, you can only influence people by talking about what they want and show them how to get it.

No. 3: This is where you can upload your image or better yet, a video.

No. 4:  This in my opinion, is the most important part of your promotion. You want to put your page in front of the right audience. Your perfect customer. The type of audience you know are going to have a desire and interest in your service or product.  In this section, you can select the gender and age demographic and also what country or countries they are most likely to be in.

If you’ve really done your research, you may even know what type of interest your perfect customer may have. In the section called “interest” (next to the red arrow), you can select various interests of your audience.

If your customers are interested in certain types of fitness magazines, Facebook will narrow your audience to include people who interested in that particular magazine. Just type in the name of the magazine and Facebook will provide suggestions. Be sure to do your research. Don’t waste time trying to prospect to people who have no interest in what you’re providing.

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No. 5:  Last, but not least, you must decide how much you want to spend on your ad campaign.  Let’s make one thing clear up front.  You’re NOT buying likes!  You’re buying space on Facebook to run your promotion. The people who like your page have done so because they have a genuine interest in doing so. And you didn’t have to bribe them!

Based on the daily budget you decide upon, Facebook will provide an estimate of how many likes you can expect to receive each day. If you’ve done a good enough job on your value statement in No. 2 above, you could generate a number of likes at a very good value.

The small monthly investment you make in your page promotion campaigns (Likes campaign) will more than pay for itself in the long run.  The fans that choose to like and follow your page could be potential customers. 

So invest some time and think about who you want to promote your page to on Facebook. What customer or prospect is most likely to “raise their hand” and give you a thumbs up because they like what you’re offering on your page.

To your success in business.


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