February 2, 2018

Are These 5 Things Hurting Your Business on Facebook ?

I almost got banned from Facebook while marketing my business.

I was feeling pressured to get as many people as possible signed up for my company’s hot new product before the promotion deadline ended.

I opened  Facebook messenger and started sending my script to family and friends.  I was blasting inboxes at lightning speed. It was a copy and paste frenzy!marketing, facebook, social media

Then I got a pop-up message from Facebook with a warning. 

It went something like this… ‘You are using Messenger in a way that was not intended. You will need to slow down this behavior to avoid being blocked from sending messages.’

Thank goodness my husband came across the Social Media Guide online! Now, instead of flooding my social circle with marketing messages I can just hang out with them at the Cardinals game!

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You have the potential to attract thousands upon thousands of people to your business, IF you do it the right way.

Over 1 billion people use Facebook every single day! So, your products and services don’t have to be limited to just your cousin Mookie, your Aunt Betty, or your BFF.

Here is a list of 5 mistakes you should avoid and some suggestions on how to easily fix these issues.

If you realize that you are guilty of any of these don’ts, do not beat yourself up. You just lacked awareness until now.

There is still time to project a professional image and expand your business using the following effective marketing strategies.


DON'T put your "business" in the streets.

Don’t use your personal profile page to post things about your business. 

Your family and friends want to be social with you on social media. They want to hear about what’s going on in your life.

Contrary to popular belief, they don’t want to hear about what you are selling or be recruited into your business. It makes them feel uncomfortable.

Think about when your friend invited you to her home business party. You felt obligated to go and you felt obligated to buy something…even if you didn’t need or want it.marketing, business

This kind of marketing does not help you connect with your close friends and family, it actually repels them.

They stop replying to ANY of your post, personal or business, because they are afraid you are going to ask them for something. Now you have become a member of the NFL (No Friends League).

So please STOP spamming your friends and family and keep your personal and business life separate.

You should also know that your personal profile page is searchable and visible to people beyond your friends. This can leave a bad impression on potential prospects and customers.

Most importantly, it is AGAINST Facebook policy to post material to your personal timeline that is for commercial gain. 

Facebook recommends a Facebook Business page for such purposes.

DO create a Facebook Business Page.

[  ] Choose your business category. Is your page for a local business, an online store, a charity…?

[  ]   You will need a business name or you can use your own name (like, Success with Mark). It’s also a great idea to include a good search term in your business name. For example, John’s Fix-It Shop is good, but John’s Furniture Repair Fix-It Shop is better and more specific if someone were searching online for furniture repair.

[  ]   Complete the About section to tell people what your business does and how to get in contact with you. 

[  ]   Use a recognizable profile picture or logo and include a cover (header) photo. You can easily create free cover photos withmarketing exact dimensions for Facebook using an online website called CanvaThe header photo we used on our page was made with Canva!

[  ]   Add a call-to-action (CTA) button in the top right corner of your page.

Use this CTA to tell people what to do or where to go when they visit your fan page. Do you want them to call, go to your website, or shop?

There are lots of options to get potential customers to take action. Choose the one that is best suited to your business goals.

[  ] Publish your page. You can always go back and make changes later under the Settings tab.

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DON'T be a Jack/Jill-of-all trades.

Look, I know that most of us are good at more than one thing but, it is usually not profitable to promote them all at once.

Don’t mix products, brands, and services. 

Some people are like, ” I do hair, I fix cars, and I’m a life coach.” Really? All of that?

Well, to some consumers they may perceive you as someone with a lack of focus. They might doubt the quality of your product if your attention is divided in so many directions.

Unless you have marketing prowess like the Kardashians, it’s best to start with one area of expertise. By the way, they built their brand name first and then branched out. More on the topic of branding later.

I promise that I am not trying to kill your dreams of becoming a famous singer or delay your life experience as a contortionist, but when it comes to business it is best to create success in one area before trying to conquer them all.

Just remember that you can always create a separate page for another niche in the future.

DO sharpen your message and your focus.

In order to be effective in business, it is necessary to clearly define what you do and who you serve.

[  ]   How does your product/service help people or solve a marketingproblem?

[  ]   Who is your ideal customer? What does your customer “Avatar” look like (the person you are advertising or selling to)?

[  ]  Develop a mental image of your ideal customer. Where do they shop? What do they read? Who do they follow on Facebook? 

[  ]   Is there a demand for what you offer? Have you done a comparison with your competition (if any exist)?


DON'T just promote your stuff ALL the time.

When I go to the mall, I usually have a specific purchase in mind. Rarely am I just browsing.

I don’t like having perfume samples thrust at my nose, I don’t want you to straighten my hair, and I don’t want you to put that vibrating thing on my foot to fix my back.

People know what they have need of, but nobody wants to be sold.

When we are approached with a product or opportunity we usually put up a wall. This wall is designed to keep us safe and to protect us from predators trying to get our hard earned money.

We want to initiate a purchase on our own free will once we KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST the brand (stick around for more on that later).

Don’t use your business page to nag people about buying your stuff or accepting your business opportunity.

Posts information to your page that is helpful to your customer. Provide inspiration, motivation, and education.

Become an expert that they look to for advice. Talk about a problem
 and give them a solution.

The goal is to help FIRST and 80/20 is the rule of thumb. 80% valuable information and 20% products and services.

(Not exactly sure what ‘rule of thumb’ means. Okay, just looked it up. The origin was possibly a way of measuring something with your thumb. The results would not be considered accurate, but close enough to be accepted as true).

So, when posting content to your page use the rule:  80% valuable information and 20% products and services.

DO provide valuable information and post frequently.

[  ]   Post frequently. The recommended number is 2-3 times per day. If you only have time to post once per day or a couple of times per week, that’s fine too.

Just pick a consistent schedule and stick to it.

[  ] Use the Schedule Post feature on your page. This allows you to schedule posts that will automatically be placed on your page at the time you specify. That way you can plan out posts for the whole week and not have to remember to do so at a particular time.

[  ]   Use Canva to create attractive Facebook posts. There are lots of free templates to choose from and no design experience is required. Canva also has a short tutorial where you can learn to use the website in less than 1 minute.

[  ]   What should I post? Motivational quotes, funny (not lewd or offensive) videos, helpful articles from other websites, book reviews, product ratings, answers to common challenges, etc.  

Here is an example of our current posting schedule:


Notice how they all start with the same letter of that day. That’s my former teacher coming out…I love alliteration! (Remember, Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers?) Okay, that’s your English lesson for today.

[  ]   When you do post about your product (20% of the time), explain how it helps people solve a problem. The best way to do that is through a blog post. Educate the consumer.

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DON'T give your opinion.

You’ve heard the saying about opinions right? So no need to repeat it. The bottom line is, everybody has one.

When it comes to your business page, don’t talk about religion or politics. 

Leave these topics for your inner circle. The people who will still love you even though they disagree with you.

When it comes to potential customers or prospects though, you may lose some of them because of a differing opinion. 

Opinions run deep like roots. Most people’s viewpoints are based on their background and personal experience. So to go against another’s beliefs can be very offensive to many. The best approach to this don’t is just DON’T.

DO connect with people on issues that provide value, compassion, and sincerity.

How do you know which issues are okay to discuss?

I’ll lead you into one of my favorite subjects from college… Psychology. As I thought about what people need, it made me think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory.

Maslow’s theory has to do with what motivates people towards certain behaviors. These behaviors are a set of human needs (food, shelter, safety, love, acceptance, and fulfillment).

So connect with people on these levels of need.

[  ]   Do be concerned about helping people meet their basic needs for food and water. Have your business sponsor a food drive, local charity event, or international effort for clean water.

[  ]   Do have compassion for those that don’t have appropriate shelter and safety. Maybe you know someone who has experienced homelessness or domestic violence.

Use your business platform to provide information about improving these social problems.

[  ]   Do develop sincere relationships. While on your personal page, provide empathy to others and show concern for what’s happening in their lives.

[  ]   Do celebrate others. Give props where they are due. Don’t hate…congratulate.

[  ]  Do help others achieve their goals. If you sincerely find ways to help others, that same help will find you.


DON'T talk about your company EVERY chance you get.

This is the part you all have been waiting for…branding.

When it comes to network marketing and building your business, you should lead with YOU, not your company. 

What does that mean?

People want to buy from people, not companies.

It’s the same reason why you have some success with your warm list. You know, the list you are told to create of 100 friends and family members. These people buy from you because they want to support YOU (not necessarily your company).

Your company is simply your distributor or manufacturer. YOU sell the product, they provide it.

Your friends and family wouldn’t care if you were selling dirt on a stick. They would still buy it because they want you to be successful. But after that warm list goes cold…then what? How do you get more prospects, customers, and leads?

Personally, I felt a lot of pressure to talk to EVERY one about my business. I was even prospecting while on vacation! I found a way to work it in to EVERY conversation. There was always a personal agenda and this started to make me feel very uncomfortable.

After numerous phone calls, emails, and meetings with no success, I felt defeated. The whole, “It’s not selling, it’s sharing” thing was just not working. I tried, I really did. As I’m sure many of you have too.

My husband saw my disappointment and he started doing some research on how to market your business. Keep reading to find out what to “do.” 

DO brand yourself.

[  ]   Do create curiosity. Don’t tell everyone about your company.

When you lead with your company or opportunity, this gives people a chance to look it up and research it. They can then decide to decline your services or business due to misinformation.

If someone is interested in the value you provide on your page, they will reach out to you. Remember, the rule about help FIRST. Be service-centered, not self centered.

[  ]   Listen. Stop dominating every conversation. People will usually reveal if they are having struggles or problems. This will
then give you the opportunity to offer a solution.

I highly recommend the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This book was very instrumental in helping me hone the skills needed to effectively deal with people in life and in business.

Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.

Dale Carnegie

[  ]   Build relationships in a genuine way. Think of the way you make friends in real life.

Share your hopes, dreams, and fears and allow them to do the same. Be vulnerable. Be honest. Be someone worthy of trust.

[  ]   Be patient. Building a brand takes time. Don’t expect to be an overnight success. Take time to learn effective marketing strategies and become an expert in what your company offers. It may take 12-18 months or more before you start to see results.

Make sure that your goals are S.M.A.R.T.  

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound

Set timelines for the income you want to produce and set a budget to make it happen.

For example, I want to make $5,000 per month in 12 months. I will spend X amount per week on advertising on Facebook or I will recruit 5 quality team members per month.

[  ]  Be transparent. Go LIVE on Facebook. Make mistakes. Be human. Share your life and be a person worthy of following.

Set up a schedule to go live and use the suggested post ideas listed above for topics. Videos should range from 5-15 minutes. 

[  ]  Be consistently visible. Let people see your face and hear your voice or they may forget that you exist.

The Facebook timeline is a temporary news feed and unless you frequently stay before your fans with information, you may be forgotten.  Share photos that show you doing things that you enjoy.  Be personable, but not too personal.

[  ]  Be attractive. Not by the media’s standards, but by regular standards. Be the type of person that attracts others. You have heard of a magnetic personality, right?

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These techniques will turn you into a fisher of men and not a hunter of prey.

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I hope this was helpful.  If you found this post valuable, click on your favorite social media outlet and share it!


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