3 Proven Assets to Unleash Your Prospecting Potential

July 30, 2016, was the day I decided to take the red pill.

The day we (my wife and I) decided to build our home business online.

If you’ve seen the 1999 film ‘The Matrix’ then you may remember the life changing choice that Neo was about to make.

In the scene below, Neo (on the right) finally meets Morpheus in an old abandoned building.  Neo has felt all of his life that something has never been quite right and he has never been able to explain or figure out. He has always sensed that the 'reality' that he lives in doesn't 'feel right'.

Morpheus explains to Neo that what he has been feeling, "like a splinter in your mind", he says, has been the matrix.

Morpheus offers him a choice...


Morpheus: Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.  This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back.

You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

As Neo leans in to grab the red pill...

Morpheus: Remember that all I am offering is the truth. Nothing more.

This scene resonated with me.

I was at a point in our home business where I had to make a decision about how we were going to go forward.

After one year being in the profession, we had only sold one product...

...and that was to my father in-law.

My wife was pretty good at meeting new people and connecting, but it didn't amount to much when she would try to follow-up with the so-called 'prospects'.

I had been searching for another alternative or solution to our problem...

...and came across a way to grow our home business that seemed completely unconventional and didn't mesh with anything that  I had ever been taught from the gurus and leaders before.

To me, this was like the red pill.

On the other hand,  if I passed on the red pill, then I was essentially willing to stay stuck in our business and continue…

...with the tried and true methods of yesteryear.

Constantly remaining alert to potential prospects in grocery stores or  the restaurants we ate at…

...believing that my fear of talking to complete strangers about our business was the reason for holding us back...

Believing that every “NO” was getting me closer to a “YES”...

...that it's a 'numbers game'.

Believing that if I just stuck with what the industry gurus and leaders were telling me, I would eventually have my breakthrough.

This was the blue pill myth.

But just like Neo, I knew something didn’t feel right.

I couldn't get over the fact that there was a whole world of people on Facebook. Over 2 billion to be exact...

...and we were still chasing after the few thousand people in our small town.

Something didn't feel right about the way we were led to believe you had to build a networking business.

I couldn't put my finger on it...but it just didn't seem the way to go.

So, I decided to take the red pill to see how deep the rabbit hole would go.

So I purchased a $27 eBook which started the wheels in motion...

I was willing to go deep into that rabbit hole. No matter how much work it would take or how long it be…

...and yes there was the fear of the unknown...

...but I desperately wanted to learn the truth about online social media marketing and how I could build a prospecting and marketing machine that could lead to my eventual financial freedom and independence.

I wanted to learn to build systems that would generate passive income and bring in qualified prospects without me lifting a finger.

And I wanted to learn how to build a system that would give me more time freedom.

So I ‘leveled up’ and began learning the skills to build our business online.

Passive income (pas.sive in.come) resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.

And after nearly 2 years…

...we started to see the fruits of our labor.

We have since left the network marketing industry but we now...

...add 10-15 qualified prospects to our email list every day (we have automated email software that handles all of our messaging)...

...and we just had our first month of nearly $2000 in sales commissions.

By the way, those sales were made without closing a single person. They all occurred on autopilot.

And I haven't gotten a single rejection since.

What I learned can be applied to a network marketing business, coaching business or any home-based business for entrepreneurs or solopreneurs.

It doesn't matter what type of business you're in.

So, before I present the blue pill or red pill…

...i'm going to share with you what I learned on my journey of discovery. Three proven assets you'll need when you build online using social media.

If you move from the 'offline world' to the 'online world' then the biggest shift you'll have to make is your...



Learning a new skill set

To build online requires learning new skills...

...and regardless of what type of home-based business your in, if you want to build online you will need learner's mindset.

Developing and nurturing a new skill set is an absolute must if you want to take your business to the next level.

Becoming a part of an online community specializing in online building or taking training courses is the most structured and efficient way to learn faster.

Regardless of the learning platform, in the beginning learning stages, you should spend the majority of your time absorbing the new information.

Also, realize that once you start to implement your newfound knowledge there are still going to be many bumps in the road...

...and failures...

...and trial and error.

But this is all part of the process.

You must be willing to accept and focus on the PROCESS and not the RESULTS because the results WILL NOT come overnight.

You’re on a journey where you begin as the person you are today and effort and hard work, you'll transform into someone who has developed a skill set that now gets you the results you desired.

Selling vs Empathy Mentality

Make a customer not a sale.

Katherine Barchetti

When I made the decision to take the red pill on July of 2016, one of the first principles that I was taught was the importance of leading with value.

This means that before you ask for the sell, you first engage your potential prospect with something that will immediately help them.

If I wanted to be successful at building online, I had to forget about my own personal problems.

None of that mattered to my potential prospects.

People who are searching for solutions to their problems really only care about one thing...how are you going to solve their problems.

So if you want to make more connections and attract more prospects you must first lead by providing something that helps them.

Living in the blue pill world of traditional network marketing and even with many other types of home businesses, we're indoctrinated to sell, recruit or a little of both.

And if we're struggling to make more sales or meet our monthly quotas...​

...then it makes sense why we have selling on our brains.

If you're trying to sell by leading with your product on Facebook...

...well good luck.

Because Facebook is a social platform, not a selling platform.

To give you an example of a selling mentality vs. a empathy/value first mentality, follow along about the story of a potential prospect named Susan.

Susan represents many women who have similar concerns about aging. We're going to role play here and pretend that we have a product, a special roller tool that helps to smooth facial skin, that we want to sell.

After you read Susan's story, I'm going to show you an actual Facebook post that is promoting this special roller tool.


For most of her adult life, skin was something that Susan never really had to pay attention to. Her skin was always smooth and taut and she used to joke that she would just have do Botox injections when she turned 50.

But now Susan just turned 50 and for the first time, Susan notices very clearly the changes she sees in her skin as she looks in the mirror. Store clerks are calling her "ma'am" and sometimes she feels invisible as she walks down the street.

Susan is now beginning to feel the pressure to maintain whatever 'youth' she has left and her friends are trying injections, eyelifts and fillers.

But Susan has concerns about going to professionals to have these types of procedures done. They can also be expensive.

Susan wants to solve her aging skin problem but is not quite sure what solution to go with.

Based on the story you just read, how would  you create a post that would directly resonate and connect with Susan's problem?

Now imagine Susan is on Facebook and she is scrolling through her news feed and she comes across the following  post.

What we learned from Susan's story is that she was worried about the signs of growing old. Botox was a possible solution but she had reservations about it.

Our product, the roller gadget could be a very good alternative to injections.

But in the above post, do we lend an empathetic ear to Susan's desires and pain? Not quite.

In addition, on Facebook, the title, 'Independent Consultant' immediate tells the user that this is a salesperson...and if a salesperson is on social media, then they must be doing one thing and one thing only...


So now the potential prospect has their guard up. Remember this is Facebook, not Salesbook.

Here's how you could approach it instead, now that you Facebook is primarily about social interaction and engagement.

By the way, by know means am I trying to poke fun or demean anyone's post. I'm using this as a teaching moment and we only do what we're taught to do. My goal is to show you a different way so you can get different results.

Here's my stab at it.

This approach may appear completely unconventional for selling something.

It doesn't even look as if something is being sold. Which is exactly the point.

I can't cover the entire setup in this post, but you should continue the 'story' 'below the fold' (the unseen portion of the post, after the first 3 visible lines. Typically preceded by 'see more...'.

You would then go on to tell the personal story. Go in detail of the emotions and pain you felt because of the wrinkles you were seeing in your skin and then describe the moment when you came across the solution.

Then describe how your life has changed (hopefully for the better) as a result of using this product. It's at that point where you can subtlety slip in a URL link that directs them to a sales page with the product.

It's critical that you provide lots of value in this post. Your potential prospect should learn something while at the same time being empathized with.

The point here, is that Facebook is about 'meaningful interactions'.

In a future blog post I will share how you can use 'story' to increase Facebook engagement and attract endless prospects and sales.

So which post do you think addresses Susan's pain and desires, but at the same time looks like a typical Facebook post that one of your friends would share?

Later in the next section I'll explain how to make your post look less salesy and make them stand out by blending in.

If your posts look like a sales ad then its more likely to get ignored by the casual Facebook user.

So with all that being said...

...let's move on to the next asset that you'll need in order to successfully build online using social media.


An Online Blueprint

So what type of online strategy should you use?

What online platforms are the best to market and network from?

Facebook...YouTube...Google Adwords...LinkedIn?

Here I’ll share with you what I believe is the best online platform to grow your business and the two tactical approaches you should take.


If you want to go where the party is…

...then look no further than Facebook.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, you’re guaranteed to find your market using this platform.

You have two tactical approaches to grow your business on Facebook. I’ll teach you each.

The first one is…

Active Social Media Recruiting and Prospecting

…which you can actually implement right away.

This approach is performed from your Facebook personal profile.

If you’re not ready to spend money on Facebook ads or don’t want to use automated systems such as email autoresponders to communicate with all of the new prospects you connect with…

...then active recruiting using your personal profile is a good starting point.

Let’s be clear. It is against Facebook’s terms of use to use your profile to represent your business.

So avoid using your company name in your posts.

Also, don’t spam, blatantly recruit or prospect either.

You want to share through your post, the positive impact your business/product/service is having on your day-to-day life.

You also want to brand yourself and promote the successes your team is having.

Here are 2 types of posts that you should do from your profile to accomplish this:

Non-business Related Post

These posts will be related to your brand.

Your brand is the perception that people have of you.

You can use the non-business type of posts to shape the perception that your potential prospects, customers, future recruits have of you.

Here are some examples from 7-figure top earner and network marketer, Julie Burke.

Here, Julie shows the fun positive of her life. Here you can see that family time is very important to her brand.

Also notice that because of online business, she is betraying the time freedom she has to do the things that are most important in her life.

Julie says the key is to stay positive in these types of posts.

Business Related Posts

As I mentioned earlier...

...you want to avoid mentioning your company's name or plastering your product images on every post you make.

Instead, share success stories of your team or create a post to recognize team member accomplishment.

If you don't have team members then celebrate a happy customer's testimonial or your own results.

Here are some examples:

Notice in these two posts that the company name is not mentioned.

In the first post, the product name isn't mentioned either.

But all the viewer needs to know is that it produced results as you can gather from the before and after pics of one of her clients.

A cool little pic of the actual product (no blatant selling here)...

And there's enough to drive a friend or follower crazy with curiosity.

Provide just enough to strike some curiosity.

The moment you look or appear to be selling, people will be instantly turned off.

The key takeaway from this approach, is that Julie is giving her friends and followers a daily glimpse into her life. Facebook is a social platform, not a selling platform.

You have to stand out by blending in.

Let that sink in for a minute...

I'll say it again.

You have to stand out by blending in.

Your post should look like posts, not sales pitches or advertisements.

No one logged into Facebook with the intent to buy something.

So stop selling!

Hope that didn't sound too harsh. Just wanted that point to stick.

Your profile and your post should not be invasive. They should be revealing.

You're giving your potential prospects a glimpse into what their life could look like if they connect with you.

Don't be that person at the party who, the second after they shake hands with you, they shove a business card down your throat and try to prospect you.

That's. Not. Cool.

Especially on Facebook.

It flat out doesn't work.

Thank of Facebook as an online party.

Imagine you are having a conversation with a group of people at one of these Facebook parties, and you just happen to be talking about something that the right passerby would be interested in and they overhear you.

They'll going to want to join your conversation and get more details.

Notice that they join without you pushing them.

This is how you engage with potential prospects on Facebook.

Now, let's move on to the next tactical approach...

Passive Social Media Prospecting

Many Facebook business page owners have no idea the treasure trove of advertising targeting tools associated with a business page.

If you decide to go the route of passive social media prospecting, Facebook again is the best platform to use.

There're two main reasons why you'll want to prospect while being the owner of a Facebook business page:

  1. you can run paid advertising (which allows for massive audience reach)
  2. the market targeting tools

Let's take this step-by step.

First, in any business, you must know what market or audience to target.

Here's what happens when you prospect the traditional or offline way.

Let's say you're at a restaurant.

You're thinking that you may prospect your server.

Let's forget about how you're going to start the conversation or naturally lead in with some subtle probing questions...

...but instead let's think about whether or not this is the right person for your business or product.

Perhaps you'll get some insight in the questions you ask during your conversation.

But wouldn't it be nice if you could just read his mind and immediately determine the likelihood that he would be worth prospecting?

You see, that's the problem...

...there's no way of knowing in advance the qualifications of a random human being.

Maybe that server loves his job and would never want to go into business for himself...

...or maybe he hates plant based protein shakes.

But when you prospect online, especially using Facebook...

...you can completely end getting rejected.

With the targeting tools that come with your Facebook business page, you can target only those people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

I will show you some examples.

First, who would you target and how, if you wanted to recruit new team members?

Well, you're going to use what's called Facebook Interests.

An Interest is an audience withing Facebook who have expressed an interest  in certain groups, celebrities, hobbies, products, you name it, through the information they share in their profile.

Here are a list of interests that a particular group of Facebook users have expressed an interest in:

  • Network Marketing Pro-Eric Worre
  • Ray Higdon
  • Sarah Robbins, Network Marketing Professional
  • Home business
  • Business opportunity

What type of Facebook users would express interests in these groups?

If you guessed network marketers, then you guessed right.

With a Facebook business page, you can target your posts towards the very people who have those specific interests.

But guess what?

If you were to combine all of the above interests into one group, the total audience size would be...wait for it...

 7.9 million people

That's the number people between the age of 30-64 who live in the United States alone.

So how would you do that?

I'll show you...

Begin by clicking inside the 'Write a post...' section

Step 1-Select News feed Targeting

Then select your targeting...

Step 2 - Select your targeting

Select your demographics

Step 3 - Select demographics

Then click 'save' and finish creating the rest of your post.

Now how do you get your post in front of as many of that 7.9 million audience as possible?

Well, you have to pay Facebook to deliver your post to a much larger portion of that audience.

The 'easy button' for paying Facebook to deliver your post to a larger audience is the Boost Post button.

Below is one of our posts that only reached 15 people.

If we wanted this post to reach more people, we would just click the 'Boost Post' button. 

Here is what's revealed before your very eyes...

Keep in mind, the rules of engagement DO NOT change when you create post targeting your ideal audience.

I'll describe what the first 3 sections are first:

  1. Objective: in this section you're telling Facebook what you're hoping to accomplish with this boosted post. You have two options with a boosted post...
    • Engagement-Facebook will deliver your post to the people who are most likely to react to your post with Likes, love, anger, sad, etc.
    • Messaging-Facebook will deliver your post to the people who are most likely to message you as a result of seeing your post.
  2. Post button: this is optional, but if you want people to take a certain action on  your post such as:
    • click to Learn more
    •  watch video
    • sign up
    • send message
  3. Audience: like I spoke of earlier, this is the best part of paid post. You can select an audience to deliver your post to, that is most likely to be interested in your product or service. You can also choose to just target the people who like your page.

The forth section is your ad budget.

You decide how many people in a particular audience you want your post to reach based on how much total budget you set.

In this example, I set a total budget of $20 and I'm going to run this boosted post for a total of 4 days. That's $5 a day.

Facebook then tells you the estimated reach, or how many people your post will reach, per day.

A very well written post, that follows the rules of engagement that I talked about earlier and that adds massive value could reach as many as 3900 people per day.

That means if you ran it for 4 straight days, you could reach as many as 16,000 people for 20 bucks.

But a poorly written post. A post that's pushy, salesy and doesn't provide any value, will reach as little as 850 people a day. That's a 5 fold decrease in reach.

Essentially, if your post sucks, Facebook will limit it's reach in order to avoid a poor user experience.

Boosted post (büst.ed pōst): money paid to Facebook in order to have your post delivered to a larger audience. Also known as a paid ad. In other words, you're now a Facebook Advertiser.

Believe it or not, that's all it takes to become a Facebook advertiser.

No fancy marketing degree or training, no business school education.

But we've only scratch the service.

There's so much to learn and trying to acquire all of this knowledge by yourself is nearly impossible.

If it wasn't for great mentors and leaders who set me on the right track I would still be lost in the forest.

That's why this third and last asset is so critical to your growth...



A lot of the magic that is behind success can be unlocked through mentorships. Mentorships are a fundamental part of the success equation.

Caroline Ghosn

Just like Neo, I had been searching.

Something didn't feel right about the way we were told we had to build our business.

My searching led me to a guide...

...a guide similar to that of a Morpheus.

In every memorable movie, the hero who is in search for her answer always meets a guide that helps them to resolve their problem or find their solution.

Star War's Luke Skywalker had Yoda...

Coco's Miguel had Hector...

Hunger Game's Katniss had Haymitch...

...you get the picture?

In my case it began with an ebook and then a community. The book was a manual that explained how network marketers and any home business owner can use the internet to grow their business.

The community I became a part of as a result of buying the book was  Elite Marketing Pro. An education and mentoring program for small business owners who wanted to choose a different, and better path to build their business.

They were the ones who took me down the rabbit hole.

I've had other mentors also. Both paid and free.

Regardless of who you chose as your guide/mentor through this process...

...a good mentor will prevent you from going in the wrong direction.

A great mentor will also ensure you get the support you need and will help you avoid needless mistakes.

Think about it, when you started in network marketing offline, somebody showed you the next steps to take.

The same is true with building your business online.

The Call to Adventure

As I sit across from you wearing my Pince-nez spectacles and in my best Morpheus voice, I am about to offer you a choice.

A choice to either accept the call to adventure or not.

If you accept the call to adventure Just like Luke, Miguel, and Katniss, then you should understand that it won't be easy...

and without the right mindset, you'll probably fail...

...knowing that you're going to have to invest time being a learner in order to acquire this new skill set and...

...realizing that you're going to be stretch to the edge of your comfort zone.

But that's ok.

Because when we're stretch and challenged just beyond our comfort zone one of two things happen...

One, we'll either give up or quit because we can no longer handle the adventure (failure) or...

Two, we adapt and level up. And we continue to adapt and level up until we reach our definition of success.

But this is part of the transformation process.

There's no way we can achieve the success we desire in our businesses by remaining the same person we are at the beginning of the adventure.

There's no hero who has accepted the call to adventure who didn't come out transformed (for the better) when they made it to the end of their journey.

And just like the heroes in our favorite movies, you'll also have a guide and a community of mentors.

If you choose the blue pill, all is not lost. You can stop reading here and scroll down to the end of this post and you can click the blue button.

When you click the blue button you can enter your name and email and I'll send you a free 10-day boot camp that'll teach you the basic concepts of how to attract prospects and recruit without prospecting.

The boot camp is taught by Ferny Ceballos who is one of the mentors in Elite Marketing  Pro.

It's my gift to you for having a learner's mindset and making it this far in my blog post.

But if your business isn't currently headed in the direction that you envisioned, at some point you'll have to make a choice on how to change the course of your business.

If you're leaning towards the red pill, then read the next steps below.

Next Steps...

I'm going to lay out the path that you'll follow if you decide to swallow the red pill.

First, there will be a red button that will take you to the sales page of the Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) eBook. If you remember, this was the education and mentoring program I spoke of earlier.

The eBook is a preparation guide. It's the start of your learning and is not meant to immediately take you from zero to hero after you read it. But it's what sets the wheels in motion.

The overwhelming majority of the 50,000 home business owners and entrepreneurs who joined this community started with this eBook.

Here's what a few of them had to say.

If you're looking for a quick home run, a lottery ticket or magic formula to your business success, then you've come to the wrong place. Please take the blue pill instead.

This book is only step one of the adventure. Do not take it for granted.

Remember, your mindset is to be a learner first.

The link will allow you to buy the eBook for $27. This is for a 47% discount off the regular price of $47. Once you arrive on this page, you will have only 1 hour to take advantage of the offer. Otherwise the offer reverts back to $47.

Second, in the process of ordering your eBook, you'll be asked to provide your email. Don't use that backup email you use to get freebies on the internet, use your best email instead.

The reason being, you'll receive by email, information to create your account with EMP.

If you don't receive this initial email, then it may be in your spam folder. Especially if you have a Gmail email account.

But this is also how you'll get access to your eBook. Creating your account comes with a couple of perks:

  • Ignition Coaching Program - we're not going to let you be alone on this adventure. The first guide you'll be introduced to is the coaching you'll receive when you first become a part of this community. 
  • Private mastermind and members only community - this is the community of fellow network marketers, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are also on this adventure as well. It's a place to share your struggles, your successes and learn from others.
  • Online marketing system - this is included with your account and offers training that will help  you learn the art of attracting people to your product, service or business and do it on autopilot. 

As you can see this is more than just a book. This is the beginning of your journey. Your coach will guide and direct you on your initial steps and explain the full details. 

I will also be reaching out to you by email to pass along my contact info just in case you have any questions.

Your journey begins with just the click of a button...